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Accelerate Lead Generation With Engaging Content

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How to use your content to build your funnel and land high-quality leads that convert

The question to pose for this blog is, quality or quantity? I am going to say both!

Why does one have to come at a cost to the other. Content doesn’t just have to be a blog. Content comes through many channels and can be short and sweet or in depth and informative. The goal is to be engaging in everything you do.

First I will outline all the channels to consider and some ideas on what you can post to your blog, social media channels, or to the media.

Post to your blog on your website
– Advantages and benefits to your products or services
– Testimonials
– Case studies
– Relevant news and how it applies to your company
– Discuss industry reports (Gartner, Forresters, etc)
– Highlight your recent successes

Post to a 3rd party blog to gain awareness outside of your circle.
– Same content as above

Post to Social Media daily
– Ads
– Curated content
– Personal success stories
– Inspirational messages
– Link to all your blog articles
– Vlog
– Polls or surveys

– Press releases (Great for SEO)
– Guest podcast (Create your own or guest on someone else’s podcast)
– YouTube channels (reach out to people in your industry who interview and discuss topics related to your industry on YouTube)

Re-targeting Marketing
– Sign-up with Adroll or Google Ads (Have your brand follow your prospects)

With all of these cost-effective methods of getting your word out, quality doesn’t have to be sacrificed for quantity. The only crime you can commit is if your content is boring, over-stated, and lacks real value. If you don’t have the talent or resources, click here to get started with us. Over time the impact can be tremendous to your business.