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Marketing Automation

Make Data Driven Decisions

The Smartdesk Solution


SmartDesk is an easy-to-use and cost-effective customer relationship management software to grow your business with an all-in-one suite of applications. Track and quantify every lead from its source with dynamic real-time dashboards. Gain insights into your sales and marketing data that make it easy to know where to your next customers will come from. 360° view of your customer engagement. All data for each of your customers is accessible in a single view for the full lifecycle engagement..

marketing automation banner
marketing automation banner

A CRM Solution That Drives Results

A CRM Solution
That Drives Results

Designed to support multiple teams and departments cohesively and strategically aligning business goals and centralized communications.


Cost-Effective Customer Relationship Management Software To Grow Your Business

With An All-In-One Suite Of Applications.


Streamline and automate sales processes and tasks to increase team productivity. Handle your customer’s sales journey from the initial lead capture to sale and retention. Keep your customers happy after winning them! Use a powerful set of issue management, membership and communication solutions to create and maintain positive customer relationships. Grow and nurture your contacts – not just organize it. Give your team the capabilities to generate high quality leads.

ss reports
ss reports

Create projects & tasks for your sales and marketing teams

Project management


Custom Personalization

Create multiple accounts
email automation campaigns and projects
marketing automation agency


Marketing automation agency refers to the software that allows you to automate activities and operationalize communications with the goal of managing the repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Once you have decided that you need to take full advantage of the digital opportunity for driving leads and sales, the next step becomes obvious – marketing automation services in Canada to grow your business. This is how the world of business is evolving, and growing businesses are discovering they can compete in a bigger arena with tools like SmartDesk.

Why Is Marketing Automation SO Important?

By 2023, investment in automation marketing technology will nearly double from where it’s at now. The adoption of automation technology is increasing at an absolutely astounding rate. Companies that use automation marketing see more web traffic, more buyers, and spur greater retention and loyalty.

There are lots of reasons to adopt automation marketing Agency

Our marketing automation services in Canada continues to drive results across many industires.



Increase your revenue.

First and foremost, the biggest reason to implement marketing automation services in Canada is to increase your revenues. The ‘prime directive’ of a business is to make money, so anything that supports this should be considered – an industry surveys report that companies who implemented marketing automation showed up to approximately 40% increased revenues in 18 months! Through our marketing automation agency services always been a proven path to growth and profitability in the past, so we can be relatively confident that automating the marketing function would indeed produce some great results.

Reduce your costs.

When you consider that some companies report a 25% increase in conversion rates after implementing marketing automation, reflecting the increased effectiveness of the sales team based on higher qualified leads, this becomes a serious, strategic direction. Expert marketing automation agency services in Canada, we can precisely get an idea about the customers’ buying journey based on their actions.

Improve the customer experience.

Over 70% of recent buying decisions were made based on satisfaction with the buying experience. Businesses are 60 times more likely to make a sale to an existing customer than a new one. Knowing this, implementing repeatable, responsive processes, that provide value throughout the relationship (pre-purchase as well as post-purchase) becomes the best insurance for a reliable customer base and revenues for tomorrow. Our marketing automation software Toronto provides the best platform to achieve marketing automation services in Canada.


Diving into sales and marketing insights through our software takes little to no technical know-how. It is because it features an extremely user-friendly dashboard. Broad cohesiveness within an organization and even offers project management tools. Grow your business with our marketing automation software Toronto.