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Email Marketing


powerful social media strategy

Powerful Email Marketing Strategy

Attract And Nurture More Leads With The Top Email Marketing Firm In Canada


Email marketing services is arguably one of the most cost-effective strategies for generating and nurturing leads. At Zand, our email marketing agency assists your business in turning email marketing into revenue and lead-generating resource. With our email marketing services, which include email copywriting, coding, design, along with transparent reporting and strategy development, we’ll assist your firm in growing its operations, revenue, and sales. Get in touch with us today to get started or keep reading for more information about our services.

Our email marketing company takes a client-first and results-focused approach to email marketing.

the most cost-effective strategies

Get To Know Your Competition


An Engaging Email Breaks Through A Cluttered Inbox And Clicks Your Way To Top of Mind

We want you to have the best chance to standing out in your potential clients’ inbox, so we’ll ask you about your competition, and create a custom email marketing strategy that drives even more results.



Today 3.8 Billion people are using email. That is a big number, but is it an effective means of getting your marketing message out?

According to McKinsey , email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than other traditional marketing means. When you want to grow your company, grow your customer base, get your message out to new prospects, you turn to email. Why? Because email delivers better results than any other channe

An email communication to your prospects is 5x more likely to be seen than viewed on Facebook. Social Media has given the digital marketer a new way to connect with customers and prospects but email still remains as a trusted source to get your message out.

Understanding email can also be a lot simpler than becoming an effective social media marketer. Essentially there are three metrics to wrap your head around to know if your email strategy is working. They are: Open rate, CTR (Click-Through Rate), and ROI.

For every $1 spent on email marketing $44 is made in return, according to a study by CampaignMonitor.

At Zand Marketing, we design customized email marketing campaigns that connect you with your target audience based on a variety of factors and information.  Connect with email marketing agency in Canada, you should approach our experts that will drive results. Comparative testing, along with data backed and driven strategies allows us to customize your messaging in relation too what your prospects are most interested in. As a customer-centric email marketing agency, we understand the power of email markting when done right andeach and every component that goes into crafting a successful campaign.

email marketing services canada



There are plenty of agencies that provide email marketing services in Toronto. But none of them pushes the envelope  as much as Zand Marketing. When choosing Zand Marketing you have an expert team of creative, content and anlaysis working with you every step of the way. At Zand Marketing, the flexibility of options is unparalleled.

Adding rich and engaging visuals makes an email highly effective. Our team infuses videos, countdown timers, all types of  visual elements to increase your emails’ aesthetic appeal. We consistently test, analyze and tweak according to the desired target market and audience reach.



Considering the introduction and evolution of several digital marketing mediums, some businesses have started taking email marketing for granted. Well, marketers believe that you can only overlook email marketing at your own peril.

Email marketing has a multitude of benefits. Cost, ROI and the ability to connect with your current customer base staying top of mind as well as prospecting and seeing where your prospect is in their customer journey are all valuable pieces of your overall business. When you send emails, receivers tend to feel that you are giving them due importance. Email marketing plays a key role in the entire process of turning a lead into a devoted customer.

Moreover, email marketing metrics can disclose valuable insights about customers, which could be utilized to strengthen overall digital marketing strategies. Taking a seasoned email marketing agency on board can positively influence your digital marketing footprint. We are an ideal digital marketing agency in Canada to move the needle for your business.      

email marketing services canada



Zand Marketing’s email marketing services in Canada work for many market verticals. We take the time to understand your specific market niche. We craft your strategy around your business goals and tailor design your creative and messaging. around  

Narrowing Down the Right Design

We work with you to understand your branding, tone and audience. Depending on the goal of each campaign we formulate a strategy that will deliver and connect you ith your audience and results

Email List Segmentation

Most email marketing service providers in Canada do not take notice of the fact that brands usually cater to various types of audiences. From age group to financial standing, they have nothing in common. So we divide them into different categories. That way, we hae the ability to target the exact demographic you want to connect with.

Campaign Tracking

Successful email marketing demands constant attention. Hence, our experts monitor results and tweak the campaign to churn out maximum ROI. A vast majority of the small, medium, large organizations utilize our email marketing services in Toronto to increase market visiability and revenue.


Not making the most of your email marketing efforts? Partner with Zand Marketing  from creation to the execution of campaigns, you have an expert team behind you.

We know what it takes to design unique email marketing campaigns for different businesses that drive real results.  Partner with Zand Marketing and witness its multi-dimensional email marketing expertise.