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Why Your Business Needs A PPC Campaign and A Marketing Company?


Pay-per-click marketing, popularly known as PPC advertising, is one of the most effective marketing channels, considering the control and data it provides.
And marketers agree on that.
“Around 35% of marketers consider pay-per-click to be the most effective digital marketing tactic.”-Databo So if PPC is not a part of your marketing arsenal, this article will convince you to include it.

Why Your Business Needs A PPC Campaign?

We believe that PPC is a must-have marketing tool for every business because:
•Better ROI
Statistics show that “Pay-Per-Click advertising has an average ROI of 200%.” – Smallbiz. Two key reasons make PPC profitable:
•You pay for the click on your ad, not the impression.
•You can run highly targeted ads.
•Instant Results
You don’t need months of content creation and link building before getting visible. Since PPC gives immediate results, you can also run A/B tests effectively.

  • High-Quality Leads and Customers
    Unlike most marketing channels, PPC generates high-quality, warm leads that are already searching for a particular service, product, or information.

Goals and KPIs of PPC Campaign
Depending upon your business needs, you can set various goals for your PPC campaign. Here are the three most common aims of running PPC ads and their KPIs.
Goal 1: Double Website Traffic
If you plan to double your website traffic through PPC ads, then your main KPI should be click-through rate.
Goal 2: Get Leads
For those who aim to get leads from PPC, focus on your email sign-ups, cost per lead, and ROAS.
Goal 3: Generate Sales
Monitor your ROAS, cost per acquisition, conversion rate, and a few other metrics if the prime purpose of your PPC campaign is sales

Why Should You Hire A Marketing Company For PPC?

You or your in-house marketers may have marketing skills, but PPC is neither everyone’s cup of tea nor a piece of cake. It’s, thus, imperative to hire a marketing company that understands all the nuts and bolts of PPC.
Here a few good reasons to seek help from a marketing agency.

Greater Returns, Lesser Investments
No matter how good ROI you’re getting from PPC ads, there’s always room for improvement. A marketing company can cut your costs and increase the returns simultaneously by:
•Doing thorough keyword research and going for long-tail keywords.
•Targeting the audience more precisely.
•Increasing your Quality Score.
•Boosting conversions by improving landing pages.

Detailed Reporting, Analysis, and Consultation

There are more indicators than ROI, clicks, conversions, and impressions. You get tons of data from PPC campaigns.
Using all these metrics, a marketing company can do in-detail reporting and analysis. Often, a simple tweak in PPC does wonders.

PPC experts also provide customized consultation, answering questions like:
•Which campaign should you focus on?
•How much budget should you set aside for different campaigns?
•How to target your audience more effectively?

Utilize their Expertise
Marketing companies have a team of PPC professionals who are updated with the latest trends, are experts in different industries, and have vast experience. They have access to more information than your in-house marketers. Using their expertise and information, marketing companies can help you run successful campaigns.


In a nutshell, if you’re not employing PPC, you’re missing out on lots of traffic. And if you’re running PPC campaigns without marketing companies, you’re losing money on every click. Contact us today to transform your PPC results & strategy.