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Why Website UX and UI Design are Critical to Your Business in 2021?

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Your website is your biggest asset.  It is where all of your prospective leads will go to see your offerings.

As per WEB DESIGN AGENCIES IN CANADA if you ever land on a messy website with flashy images and disorganized information, you will surely bounce off that website within seconds. 

To make sure that your users don’t do the same, the design, as well as the functionality of your site, needs to deliver a cutting edge user experience.

This is only possible when your website is easy-to-navigate, provides quick access to information, and gives an impressive look and feel.

And what enables you to deliver an exceptional user experience to your visitors is UX and UI designing.

Benefits of Website UX & UI

Some reputable WEB DESIGN AGENCIES IN CANADA highlighted three benefits of investing in your website’s UX and UI design.

Helps Your Website to Rank

Experts from web design companies in Vancouver said that Google wants to give the best user experience to its users, it ranks websites that prioritize humans over search engines.

Page experience signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors makes the web more delightful for users across all web browsers and surfaces, and helps sites evolve towards user expectations on mobile.” – Google Search Central


It is officially going to become a ranking factor, and metrics like bounce rate, time on page, and others will directly affect your Google rankings. Rolling out this year goggle will also add to the list Core Web Vitals a set of metrics related to speed, responsiveness and visual stability, to help site owners and WEB DESIGN AGENCIES and experts to measure user experience on the web from Canada, USA or anywhere from the world. Looking specifically at:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – measures loading performance
  • First Input Delay (FID) – measures interactivity
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – measures visual stability
  • So work towards a better user experience before the update hits your site.

·         More Conversions

Getting traffic to your website is one part of the equation; converting those visitors into your customers is the other.

When you think like your user and plan your site accordingly, your visitors will convert better. We at Zand Marketing, best in class Web Design Company in Toronto, Vancouver and nationwide  we believe in converting your website visitors to clients for web design.

·         Customer Retention

Do you remember going back to any retail outlet after a poor experience? Will you ever hire an incompetent WEB DESIGN AGENCY that doesn’t know how to engage and interact with your customer base  in CANADA, or nationwide?

Most probably not.

The same goes for websites. Even if you somehow convert the visitor into your client, odds are you won’t retain that customer because of the poor user experience. 

Need for UX &UI in Current Conditions

·         Pandemic and Digitalization

The pandemic has digitalized every industry, and people are looking for information and products online.

If your website performs poorly, your customers won’t be able to navigate through your website, contact you, or buy anything from you. Again your website should aim to convert visitors into customers.

·         Staying in the Competition

The fact that your competitors and many WEB DESIGN AGENCIES IN CANADA are doing it is enough for you to improve your website’s UX and UI. It is a proven fact that whoever provides a better user experience wins the customer.

·         Credibility

As the internet advances, its users are also getting smarter. By looking at the website design, 75% of people judge a business’s credibility.

This means that what distinguishes a real customer-centric company from a fraudulent site is the website design.

How Can We Improve Your Website UX & UI?

·         Custom, SEO-Optimized Design

To meet your needs, we design responsive, custom websites that work perfectly on screens of all sizes. Keeping in mind the importance of SEO, our developers design lightweight, mobile-friendly websites and our WEB DESIGN experts  in Canada ensure your brand continually sees results.

·         A Design That Converts

Instead of putting bells and whistles, we focus on building a website that communicates the actual message of your business.

Clear call-to-actions and easy access to information ensure that your visitors convert. Using conversion methodologies, we can help you multiply your conversions and revenues.

·         Advanced Functionalities

Even if you need a website with advanced, complex functionalities, we won’t compromise on the design and UX. So, don’t worry about design and UX. Be it event registration, gated content, or forums, our professionals can add all the features without ruining the user experience.

·         In-depth Analysis and Research

Being a top revenue-generating and WEB DESIGN AGENCIES IN CANADA, we believe that thinking about how a user will interact with a website is the first step towards building a powerful site. So, we do in-depth research and analysis to understand your target audience and their needs.

·         Using Psychology

Psychology is a fundamental part of UX design, so we implement psychological principles and techniques to optimize your website performance.

·         User-Oriented Approach and Testing

Whenever designing a website, we think about the end-user and how we can give them the best experience. Our rigorous testing procedures also ensure that your website is free of any glitches or shortcomings.


Now you know how our digital marketing and WEB DESIGN AGENCIES deal with your project. Be it CANADA, Calgary or any other target market, Zand Marketing is always ready to serve you with the best. To sum it up, a strategic and creative UX and UI can turn your website into a lead and revenue generating machine. With the advancing digital world, UX and UI design isn’t a choice but a necessity. Contact us today to start converting your visitors into customers.