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The importance of Your Restaurant’s Website Design

When you feel hungry, the first thing you do is cook and eat, pretty obvious, right? But what if you are not in the mood for a cook and you want someone else to do it for you? You go on an online hunt to discover a place to eat or order. After Covid, this online searching trend has become even more popular than ever.

If you are a restaurant owner, trust us with this if you do not have an attractive and functional website design for your eatery no matter how good you are, you will not get noticed because your potential customers might end up selecting a restaurant that has an eye catching website. Consumers eat with their eyes before it gets to their stomach. In this blog post, we will tell you about the significance of a website design for a restaurant as well as where you can get web design services in Mississauga . So let’s get started.

10 Reasons Why Website Design is Essential for Your Restaurant


A website is your single largest digital asset when attracting new consumers. It should deliver a cutting edge, and functional user experience. It should convey your brands tone and voice and lead the customer on their purchasing journey. Having a well-designed website has many undeniable advantages.

1- It Makes Your Restaurant Easier to Find

Having an online presence makes it much easier for your targeted customers to find you. They search for a place near them to eat and your website might show up in search results. This benefits your business a lot.  But for this purpose, you must optimize your website as per Google algorithm. A good SEO company in Mississauga can optimize your website through their expertise in the field so your website ranks on the first page.

2- You Want Your Customers to Stay Updated

People love to see new items on menus. Every restaurant has its signature dishes customers know about but when they make a change a website can be a great source to let your customers know about the latest updates about new items. 

3- You Can Show Off Your Restaurant

In this era of Instagram and Snapchat people love to capture their photos in attractive places. This is also a source of good advertising and how you build your brand champions. If you have a website coupled with nice decor for your restaurant you may take some photos, make some videos and upload them on your website. This would enable you to show case your products and services to more customers.  They would love to see themselves in your place, enjoying themselves with their friends and taking memorable pictures. 

4-Online Ordering is the New Cool

If you offer an online ordering option on your website you would generate an additional income stream. After the pandemic, many people are now used to ordering online.  If you do not provide this feature, your competitors would and you soon would be left far behind. Thus play smart and have an impeccable website design with this feature.

5- You are In charge of How You Would Portray Your website

Another gain of having a website is that you will be able to portray your brand as you may please. If you do not own a website, you might get registered with an app or a search engine however, that would not provide you the freedom to select how you portray your business in front of your potential customers. Having your restaurant website would provide you with opportunities and freedom to select and change whatever you like to show to your customers. Tell your story.

6- Share Information

Share information

Do you have specials? Different menus around the holiday? Holiday Hours or closures? Does your space offer corporate events? Let your consumers know. Share information so that your audience knows your services and who to contact.

7-Share Your Procedures for Safety

After Covid, it became inevitable to ask your customers to follow certain rules in restaurants to stay safe and keep others safe too. A website is an incredible source to let your audience know what SOPs they must follow while coming to your audience. It is way easier to communicate all the precautions online. 

8- It can Create Income Streams for You

A website will not only attract customers to your eatery but can also be used as a separate income source. For example, you can sell different products if your website has an e-commerce functioning option you can sell merchant t-shirts to your customers. Or another popular choice is to sell kits of items to make some popular dishes at home to your buyers. Open up different revenue streams.

9- Your Website Design Gives A First Impression (if you already have a website)

You must have heard that quote “first impression is the last impression” this is often really true. When a consumer visits your website within a few seconds this is the first interaction they have with your brand and sets the tone on if they will convert into a customer. Designing with both UX and UI in mind is a critical step in the process.

10-A Website is More User Friend

According to recent studies, more than 60% of users use their Smartphones when they are searching for something. And if your website design is not optimal for mobile screens, no matter how much money you have spent on it, it’s not going to work.  Mobile responsiveness’ is critical. Make the buyers journey and all interactions seamless and convenient.

Impeccable Website Design Services in Mississauga

You have gone through undeniable advantages of having a website but how could you redesign your site or create a new one that is aligned with your goals and vision and that ultimately converts your visitor’s into customers – by partnering with Zand Marketing. Zandmarketing offers website design that would drive your business forward with real results. See our complete service offerings on how to grow your business with us.