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Nonmed Insurance Inc.

nonmed insurance inc

Nonmed Insurance Inc. is a federally incorporated financial services company which officially came into existence in 2003. However, the expert knowledge and experience leading to its establishment were possessed by its founders for many years prior. Made up of a highly qualified team of insurance brokers, they aim to deliver exceptional financial products and services in Toronto and GTA.

Nonmed Insurance had enjoyed success in the marketplace widely due to referral marketing. One happy customer led to another and so on. The cardinal rule is one happy customer automatically means 10 by word of mouth. They utilized this strategy and excelled their business. Although very successful already they recognized a need to be able to connect and attract new customers to their business in different unconvential ways.

Nonmed Insurance partnered with Zand Marketing, initially for a blueprint consultation. From that consultation stemmed their full comprehensive marketing plan outlining all of they key areas of growth they were hoping to achieve and a phased plan on how to reach their ultimate goals. Together with Nonmed Insurance Zand Marketing went on to implement and measure the various areas and strategies within their custom solution.

Andrew Trunchin, CEO & President said “Zand Marketing’s strong understanding of various marketing principals and strategies gave us the springboard needed to drive the next wave of our business”. Within a short period of time and during the initial phase of their plan, they were able to offer their services digitally and fluidly, automate a lot of their promotional and communicative efforts with their clients. They have been able to take their original referral model and amplify it by 67% widening their market reach and insurance brokers share.